Tiffany Busch Polo

Treasure Coast Promotions LLC

Tiffany Busch,  who has been playing polo for 10 years, propelled herself to the top of the women's rankings with determination and natural talent. Supported by an ever growing and improving string of horses, Tiffany is certain to continue her rise to the top. Whether you are looking to have Tiffany on your team or to represent your company or cause, she brings her unique style and fiercely competitive spirit to the field in every game she plays. She is truly an inspiration to young girls by virtue of her dedication to her profession, along with loyalty to her sponsors.  A highlight of her playing career was securing the overtime win in the 2012 Women's US Open in Houston, Texas while being named MVP of the tournament. This win lead to her being featured on the cover of Polo Magazine in January, 2013 and in an article titled "Busch Whacked". 

Sunny Hale is one of Tiffany's biggest role models and a huge inspiration for her. See the interview where Tiffany has a glimpse of what it feels like to battle it out with the best and to end the game victoriously.